‘The Bernabéu trembled’: Memories of Rodrygo and Real Madrid’s miracle

Clair Swindells, Manchester City fan You’re thinking: “Just hold tight, 20 minutes.” a few chaps behind us in the 89th second reserved their passes to Paris [for the final]. He was chasing after for five minutes in light of the fact that the sign was so horrendous and a short time later he was like: “I’ve booked it, I’ve booked it!”

90min: Rodrygo makes it 1-1 on the night, 5-4 on absolute

Clair Swindells The super Veritable Madrid objective went in and I thought: “You’ve scolded us.” “I’ve booked my ticket, I’ve booked my ticket,” and a while later, bang, the goal.

Toñín el Bullfighter, Certifiable Madrid fan Over the Father structure they announced “six minutes added” and the Bernabéu transmitted. That was the best racket we had heard in a long time because we understood six minutes were adequate to score as required. We needed one, so we scored one.

Ian Cheeseman, City fan It appeared to be a deluge of sound – it was persistent. Certain clubs, of which Certifiable Madrid are one, paying little heed to what situation they’re in, have this conviction they can turn it over. City, last season particularly, were a piece gentler. Right when that tsunami started to come, City should have been had the choice to remember it and – in the most magnificent possible way – start cheating by time-wasting, sledging, all the same regardless. I love pure football yet you don’t be guaranteed to win by being the legend.

Antón Meana, Certifiable Madrid writer for Cadena Ser radio I saw the Bernabéu shake. It looked like when you’re in a construction and you can feel the underground go by under you. The Bernabéu vibrated. I will constantly recall the substance of the fans in the last line before the press district, where we were. I saw old people as far as possible insane.

María Hernández, Certified Madrid season-ticket holder I was up on my seat embracing people on the line behind me. By and large on that section there are people I know since they go to each game in the relationship; for this tie they were hard and fast inquiries. In any case, in those minutes they ought to be the closest friend you have known for seemingly for eternity. Everyone is embracing everyone.

Simon Hart, author At full-time before extra time, the Certifiable Madrid fans were presenting: “Sí se puede,” which is: “Yes we can.” clearly they ludicrous acknowledge they can, in light of the fact that they’ve seen it unendingly time again. I don’t think the bounce back was anything to do with procedures. It boils down to the human level, the mind exploration of football. Right when a gathering and a gathering in a spot like the Bernabéu get together there’s basically this more noticeable power that conveys you on.

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